"Eco Solutions" supports "Ecological Art" project by "İreli Youth Organizat

"Eco Solutions" supports "Ecological Art" project held by "İreli Youth Organization"

The purpose of the "Ecological Art" project is enlightenment of Azerbaijani youth in ecological issues, environmental protection and waste management. Also waste recycling and waste to art is significant part of the project. 

In the scope of the project "Eco Solutions" 's specilist Suleyman Aliyev was invited to talk about the waste education. Mr. Aliyev held speech about "Waste Management, Waste Segregation and Recycling" issues and answered questions from the youth. 



Link to the news: http://www.adalet.az/w109070/%E2%80%9CEkoloji_%C4%B0nc%C9%99s%C9%99n%C9%99t%E2%80%9D_layih%C9%99sinin_t%C9%99liml%C9%99ri_sona_%C3%A7atd%C4%B1_/#.V-_QqSF97IX

Date: 2016-10-01 19:16:20


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